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    • 企业简介

      Established in June 1995, Jinmao (China) Hotel Investment Management Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Sinochem Group of China Jinmao. The company is positioned as the holding property asset management center under China's Jinmao city operation strategy. It is mainly engaged in the operation of high-end commercial real estate, and is committed to the operation of high-end hotels, apartments, tourism and other projects with landmark and boutique characteristics in selected areas of core cities. Located in Lujiazui financial and Trade Zone, Pudong, Shanghai, Jinmao Tower is an important core asset of the company and the headquarters of the company. With Shanghai as the center, the company's business covers 18 cities in China, with 15 hotels, 120000 square meters of office space, 15 management output projects and 24 consulting projects.

    • 业务概览

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